How to subscribe

1. Purchase

Buy your chosen subscription.
See payment methods below.

2. State

State your account.
How do I state my account? 

Payment method
Funds in any PayPal account.

Credit card:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Debit card:
Any debit card linked to a PayPal account.

    For payment methods available in Argentina:


    When will my subscription be activated?

    Subscriptions are activated within 24 hours of payment, if you have stated your account.

    How do I state my account?

    Send an e-mail to with the subject Enable [account].

    • If you signed in via Google, your account is your Google e-mail.
    • If via Facebook, your account is your Facebook e-mail.

    Where do I find the terms and conditions?

    Terms of use for the Normative Legal Dictionary

    What is the user interface like?

    Interface of the Normative Legal Dictionary