Sistematized Lexicography

Sistematized Lexicography

Clear definitions. Contextualized translations. Semantic equivalents. Classification systems. Explanatory notes. Conceptual derivations. Bibliographic references.

  • Dictionary   English-to-Spanish legal dictionary available on a subscription basis.
  • Contents   12,000 terms + 22,000 translations + 90,000 links + 950,000 words + 1 author
  • Scope   Law of Argentina and the United States: Business Law. Family Law. Civil and Commercial Procedure. Property Law. Parliamentary Law. Constitutional Law. Public and Private International Law. Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure. Corporate Law. Bankruptcy Law. Tax Law. Probate Law.

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Highly structured concepts and rigorously translated terms, with the consistent approach that only a single author can provide.


Steadily growing, in both breadth and depth. Regularly updated to keep pace with developments in both legal systems.


Dictionary-making prioritized according to the most popular terms. Inclusion of new terms submitted by users.


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Normative Legal Dictionary

English-to-Spanish legal dictionary

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What is the Normative Legal Dictionary?

An English-to-Spanish legal dictionary available on a subscription basis.

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